Modern Farmhouse Designs

Modern Farmhouse Designs

Let’s get straight to the point, Farmhouse designs are no easy task. You have to look for a lot of factors: spaciousness, appeal, security, and most of all a homey environment Farmhouses are typically large usually covering above 1500 sq. ft. You might be visiting the farmhouse to escape from the city life and give yourself a mandatory stop (or break) from the notorious city life. Office phones, cars honking, over population, smoke, sirens!

Or in the other case, you just have had enough with it all. It is time for you to relax and you want to spend some time perhaps in the country or in a good farmhouse where you can relive and revive yourself. You can become young again and rejuvenate yourself with the same energy that drove you in your youth.

You can easily find modern farmhouse designs and farmhouse plans. All these designs and plans have been put there and selected with your ease and comfort as the first priority. All these farmhouses have been planned and designed to give that sense of family connection that sometimes is lost in the hectic and fast paced life. You can find farmhouses with connecting bedrooms, large rooms where kids can all play together and you can sip your hot chocolate or coffee, and big round tables right next to the kitchen where you and your family can savor the hot steamy food as soon as it is cooked. The food in the farmhouse life tastes just way more better with all the original and natural flavors that will not only leave your mouth watering for more but also make you and your family healthier.

Modern Farmhouse Designs

The typical farmhouses are two-story with around 4 to 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, a garage, kitchen, the family room where you can all hang out and of course beautiful view of the meadows, crops, grass, trees, and the essence of farm life. Farmhouses put rather emphasis on woodwork; the simplicity of which is naturally outstanding. The farmhouse plans you would be looking at can vary more than you think. You can find small farmhouses that would just fill your needs or find farmhouses that are so spaciousness that you feel outdoors!

Most farmhouses have slender windows on the upper story while large square windows on the ground floor. So even if you are sitting indoors, you will know exactly how the weather is turning outdoors. Farmhouses are a perfect place for children to boost up on their exercise. You can find classical farmhouses with large gardens filled with flowers and the beautiful scent that will creep up to wake you up every morning.

Farmhouses are elegantly designed to appear big and graceful. The steep roof, sleek windows on the upper stories and the woodwork adds to the overall appeal making the farmhouses quite captivating. The bedrooms are warm, roomy and airy. The modern farmhouse designs are now finding their way into the city life as well where people want to experience the informal country lifestyle they have always looked forward to.[SourceSourceSource]