Eco House Designs Top 3 Most Stunning

Eco House Designs

We all love to live in a place which is environmentally friendly house. Though there is no exact definition of an environmentally friendly house but to think about it, that kind of house will give the environment a healthier and cleaner place to live. An eco-house conserves water, energy, food and materials. There are some eco house designs that look like a typical house. Here are some examples of the top 3 most stunning Eco-house designs. The first house is the eco-friendly house in Costa Rica.

This is also one of the most stunning eco house designs. This house is an eco-friendly house that gives a beach type home into a eco-friendly architecture design. It is located at the mountains of the Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica which is and eco-friendly place and is 30 minutes from the nearest town. The construction and design of the house is inspired by the world’s biodiversity. Because of the beautiful beach views, the architect was inspired to make many balconies and glass windows to enjoy the beauty of the nature. This house is one of the most luxurious and stylish eco-houses. The second most stunning eco-house designs are the arched timber roof house which is located in Seattle. This timber roof house is distinguished by its connection of the outdoor and indoor openness. The combination of wood and glass house shows the relationship between modern architecture and nature. The high wooden ceiling becomes an archway of timber. This house is spacious which makes us breath the natural air of nature.

Eco House Designs

The 3rd and last most stunning Eco house designs is the California Luxury House. This beautiful luxury eco-friendly house has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, indoor and outdoor living rooms. The rooftop has an amazing view. The colourful house enhances to a modern, vibrant and environmentally friendly design. Contemporary features like glasses and steals meat the natural wood feature. This house is also equipped with solar panels and lots of natural light. The materials that are used to design this house are environmental friendly. This eco house efficiently uses energy, water and other resources to protect the health of the occupant and the environment. Also it improves the environment situation and reduces air and water pollution that’s a result of the building and factories made. It improves productivity because there are less harmful materials that are used to build this house. Those are the top 3 most stunning eco house designs.