Eco Architecture what is this?

Eco Architecture

An Eco house is design in a way that energy and waste will be reduced. It reduces the negative impact on our health and environment that buildings and factories from the cities produced; only it has better construction, design and maintenance. It is built with natural environment. And the construction and design is done in harmony. According to some scientist, factories and buildings are the most polluters on the earth. Producing an Eco house may help lower the damaging polluters in our health and environment. You can call an Eco house a successful one if it is a healthier place to live and lower costs. Eco Architecture is living in peace with nature. It helps keep a green lifestyle and environmentally healthy in our society. The choice of materials and ground locations are very important in Eco architecture. To understand more of this, we must first define what Eco architecture means. It is to update or build and building that will have a few negative impacts in our environment. In many cases, it will make use of solar power for water services. Most of the eco architects will choose the areas that are far away from the city and close to wildlife.

Eco Architecture

One example of Eco-Architecture is the “Open Roof House.” This house is designed by French architects that have a unique structure that is warm and welcoming. It is made of timber and done only in two weeks. The windows and the open roof will help the natural sun light to heat the place during winter season. And during summer, it is the best place to enjoy outdoor activities. It is also the best place for nature lovers. The rooftop is probably the best asset in this house; which has the unfinished yet framed roof that enhances the outdoor aura and also the rain water takes care of the plants in the garden.

You see what nature has provided us. We need to live a more sustainable and healthier quality of life. Mother earth provides us with the abundance of wonderful materials of nature and all we have to do is to use it right. Adapting an Eco Architecture is both simple and effective. It works best in nature. For you to have a eco house, that process is done by learning the basics of green architecture. When you know the friendly materials and on how to use them, then you will be helping the environment to minimize the negative effects of factories and buildings and have a friendly impact on our environment.