Country house plans

Country house plans

If you are fed up of the speedy and noisy urban life, and you want to relax somewhere to release all your redundant stresses, then the solution for you is the country house plans. If you love nature, and crave to escape the jungles of metal and concrete to somewhere nice and calm, then this is the decision which you would never regret. There is nowhere more peaceful than the countryside where you can relax yourself with a glass of wine and the canvas of nature and this is the place where you can live freely like you ever wanted to.

A countryside house is offered in the plan with all the basic life necessities. The houses can be expressly prepared on the specifications of the customer of his/her total satisfaction. The country house can be concrete and brick-made with wooden floorings or it can be wood carved purely. It offers a straight, front porch as well as a winding warp around porch for the country house which may be covered. The warp around is more widely used because it give an artistic and Victorian touch. The country houses have a gabled roof with steeply pitched roof lines. They can have many windows with small glass panes which are fashioned to be many in numbers.

The country house plans has more specifications to offer. It offers single story as well as double story houses, which of course differ in no. of rooms. Usually country houses of about three to four rooms are in trend but this is not a hard and fast rule. It can range from a small ranch to a big country farm house.

Country house plans

The interior of the country house is usually decorated with articles from the flee shop or the local handmade crafts which are eco-friendly and attract attention. Exteriorly, the house is decorated with a lot of plants and flower pots along with a swing sofa for relaxing. An easy chair is also placed as a tradition there. The country house has a garage which is usually liked to be detached from the main country house (usually behind it). It can also be used as a small store house because it is much spacious.

The country house is usually surrounded by grassy ground where plants, fruits and veggies can also be planted to the heart’s desire. It is covered by a wooden fence all around. The greenery really gives a soothing view to eyes. The meadows and the fields around really makes you fell nostalgic about something. The winds soar through the grass and through the country house with so sweet an effect that a person feels to be blended with the nature. Probably an old, rusty bike will complete the scene.

Whether you are a retiree or you want to plan for a promising and comfortable future, country house plans is the choice for you. [SourceSourceSource]