The first room of this home was the warm huge living room that completed with the fireplace application on the front side of the living room sofa set furniture. The warm side of this welcoming space will comfort the owner of this home include with the guest of this home. Continued with outstanding kitchen space inspirations, the outstanding view of this home will be complete and fancy. The Otter Cove Residence from Sagan Piechota Architecture, the architect of this place was combining both nature stuff and the modern style of a living space. This green layouts seaside exterior is can be seen from the inside space of this home too. The designer of this place was applying the bright glass application system as the complement material of concrete or wooden material for the wall space. The smart ideas of using glass material is use to reduce the using of electricity and the panoramic view of the outdoor space of this home. The uniquely seaside home landscape of this home was perfectly places on the outside space of this home and will be continue into the indoor side of this home. The entire panoramic landscape modern living space of this great building architecture is can be seen from calm contemporary bedroom layouts too. [reference]

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    Designer knows how to be made perfectly by using a new policy which is called statuette for the reason that this approach becomes very admired in the people. Interior design is not only artistic but also practical depending on the necessities of the client.

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    That house is awesome. It represents everything that good modern architecture should be.

    Daniel, DDS Architectural Rendering

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