Contemporary California Home Project with Warm Furnishing Layouts

This conceptual California house project was show the real project of an up to date living space with comfortable and homey style of a building construction. Through the landscaping project of this home our eye will be able to see how conceptual and contemporary this building was. The front space of this home was the continuity landscaping of the exterior side of this building and those two sides was give the similar look of a building living space construction. The welcoming front space of this home was still continued by open landscaping kitchen space layouts and the huge family room with contemporary wooden flooring system for the family room.

Carpinteria Foothills Residence is a contemporary hillside residence designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects. form the architects, “the program asked for a master suite, one guest room, a study for two, a more contained den and an informal open living space they could share with their children and grand children. The site strategy was to separate the guesthouse, pool and pool house from the main house, by locating them amongst the oaks on a lower terrace. The smaller structures were easier to place around the mature oak trees without disturbing their root systems. Each structure has its own orientation and privacy.”

The two spaces of these private spaces warm lights white bedroom and space saving bathroom designs were the new identical space of a living space with practical and applicable landscaping of home furnishing system. We can see how beautiful and recommended this private space furnishing and design through these entire pictures below. In my opinion, since home was not only a building construction so we have to be smart to give such as a living thing that will make our home space become live. Those whole entire statements were continued by this great landscaping California home. Let’s take a look!