Modern L-House Designs with Airy Interior Planer

These transparent home interior plans were covered this clean and clear corridor and hallway and make as the welcoming space of this L-House design series. The newest modern house from Chilean architect Mathias Klotz and photographed by Roland Halbe. The real clean and clear landscaping of this hallway system will escort us to see the complete inspiring space of this residence. Our imagination of this house was started with that transparent landscaping and will be continue with this airy outdoor living room. That airy system was look give a fresh air for our breath. Feel comfort and enjoyable was become the main inspiring side of this home. This house was completed with integrated dining room landscaping too, and we can see the great combination between dining room and family room in this home. Furthermore, both of these huge landscaping bedroom constructions and practical bathroom space planner was try to complete and give such as complete accommodation for this house series. These simple rooftop terrace inspirations were complete these modern L-House designs series.