Unfinished Contemporary Modern House Designs with Romantic Home Landscaping

The revolutionary mixing home project in this residence design series was show a gorgeous landscaping of a living space completed with the amazing landscaping of both concept and imagination of the designer and owner. The simple look of this house can be seen from the concept of the drawing of the house and the identical landscaping of the house itself. Look at this conceptual minimal home interior that show the similarity look of both furniture and interior of the whole side of this house. Practicality, the landscaping of this house was come from the combination between modern and contemporary so that the performance of this house was look mix. This dark mixing house interior was another real sample that we can see. The romantic home landscaping inspirations that provide by this page was showing a great lighting fixture in this house. The nice combination between pendant lamp and ceiling lamp was so pretty and inviting. The view of this mixing contemporary modern residence was come from the smart thought of unfinished home project landscaping. Wright House was designed by Elmo Swart Architects and is located in Durban, South Africa.