The Kingold, Apartment with Chinese Traditional Design of Royal Styles

It is an apartment with Royal Chinese Traditional design and style by Alberto Apostoli, an Italian designer from Verona that built by demo in Guangzhou (China). This description of the project we have received from architects. “Demonstration Kingold has an apartment in the Chinese real estate companies are planning to stay in Guangzhou (China) building, designed, customer research project to show the apartment on the Italian neo-classical concept of international, have disappeared, especially the French and Anglo-Saxons. Italian architect Alberto apostle was a man who can implement this project because of their experience in the world. in this project, elements of classical Italian, like the columns and statues with painted wooden panels and furniture were mixed in the French style of British colonial rule. a mixture of clean lines, symmetry and geometric shapes with frivolous details and baroque furnishings such as curtains and lamp ostentation. geometric shape of the marble floor (in Italian) with the classical style, rather than the “chiaroscuro” inspired in pastel colors of these pieces of cosmic green.The quality furniture and materials and exquisite and a very bright light is necessary, adds the architect, who plays Apostoli has many large windows and mirrors in each room, with the effects of light and perspective. ” [source]