Stunning Architecture from Redesigned Romanesque Old Concrete Factory into a House

Ricardo Bofill, an architect, owned a house in Barcelona that redesigned from an Romanesque old concrete factory with stunning architecture, industrial pillars, and ivy-covered bastion-like walls. The architect has bought an abandoned cement factory in 1973 and it became impossible to house mechty.Rezhim 2-storey, concrete piers and some industrial giant concrete plant hanging over the living room and a respect for learning and remembering the past, the rich industrial construction. And while the mixer instead of hanging lamps in the ceiling of your living room may be debatable taste, I, with a penchant for accents industry, fresh and fabulous.

However, the architect did not fail to make your home beautiful and attractive, eccentric, and majesty, to keep a niche bow on the walls and through the use of profiles of Romanesque windows, marble table and hall bath, a long, floating curtains, pillows and door arch of wood and ceramics, in addition to the wealth of fine and tranquility of this exquisite Moorish-style residence. House Ricardo Bofill, Barcelona is a striking example of how the residence can government and industry, during a tribute to the people’s Moorish influence, and thus creating a bridge over time.[source]