Integral House, Most Important Private House in Toronto Owned by James Stewart

A private house built in North America and called as Most Important Private House by the Wall Street Journal that owned by James Stewart, it is called Integral House of Toronto. But this is exactly what architects Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe from Shim Sutcliffe, together with math professor and former Violonist Dr. James Stewart, have managed to create.
A must-see architectural masterpiece that features a 150-seat concert hall, fantastic staircase and tones of natural light, the building is everything James Stewart ever dreamed of.
The architects had 18,000 sqm to let their creativity fly on, and literally no special demands or requests from the owner. Hence why the stunning design features a multitude of unique curves, lots of floor-to-ceiling windows and a stunning staircase.
Speaking of the staircase, it doesn’t lack dynamism. It’s the house’s exquisite piece of art. Constructed out of hand-blown blue glass rectangles it seems that it’s floating on a mixture of colors. Add to all these the semi-Scandinavian simplicity and the amazing scenery, and $24 million for such place seems to be worth every penny. But we’ll let you see the rest for yourself.[source]