Gorgeous Apartment Plans with Modern Details from Geometrix Design in Moscow

Check this gorgeous apartment plans from Geometrix Design by Miroshkin Michael and Miroshkina Elen with modern details in the interior, the apartment built in Moscow, Russia. This description of the project entitled “Fantasy of Iceland” (designer). “Entrance into the great hall, where with retractable glass wall separates the kitchen of this decision, the requirements defined by each region, of course, but do not overload the room together and makes it unique, bright and spacious. The emphasis in the interior focuses on home theater systems. Is not only necessary part of the room, but the whole object of art. the TV to “note” is an invisible part of a large black glass plate with all the integrated LED (LED). arrest construction and a beautiful view of your recipe, and in this case, the aesthetic idea can not capture functional purpose. we mean the space to store CDs and books on each side is under glass, a dresser, and all construction in the forward direction. ceiling so clearly makes the panel with built-in lighting (lamps). the choice of production high brightness, internal change in accordance with the preferences of the mood.

This “nest” (something special) in the kitchen: a table with a transformer remote control. One touch and we have a dining table or a bar stoyku.Spalnya with lots of windows has a separate toilet and bathroom and costumes, of course. We have (added) to the natural light was in the toilet and bathroom with a glass of milk is used as a partition. We used natural materials such as wood and kamen.Krasota of two noble materials provided with the combination of reality and colors.Fantasy related to this project. And then there was a great “duet” between aesthetics and functionality. “(Photo: Zinur Razutdinov)[source]