Beautiful Interior Design of Small Apartment in 7 Floor Building of Linnestaden

Near Goteborg, in Linnéstaden, we can find a 7 floor apartment building that contain a beautiful small apartment with bright and lovely interior design. With four bedrooms, the apartment area of 85 m2.Obekt ideally situated between the social space open to private and isolated areas of compensation. Try to imagine what it would take a tour of the apartment feels. It was recently renovated, the house offers a wide and spacious hallway that connects nearly every room of the house. Once you look closely, the area of life seems to have been designed to make the layout of the apartment and the sense of structural stability and harmony provide an ideal tsvet.Zapade facing windows in the living room has natural light affects the walls are white and contrasts nicely with the dark door opens zemle.Steklyannaya the terrace reserved. The kitchen has a solid work surface, providing plenty of storage and has a modern osvescheniya.Spalnya combination of white painted wood floors and floral design completes oboi.Seminar home and offers a private space to work, the problems associated with. [source]