Amazing Mountain Villa with Pantagonian Valley Landscape View from Alric Galindez Architect

It is S residence from Alric Galindez Architects, an amazing contemporary villa built in amazing landscape of pantagonian valley (Catedral, Otto, and Ventana Mountain) with lake Gutierrez views. The house is a composition inspired by the volume are grouped into a hillside, each with an Excel genius and fabulous vid.Bolshoy house miniature city in itself, is divided into zones for family or friends, eat a flexible and suitable for zhizni.Obemy that protrude from the walls of the symphony natural materials, made of dark gray local stone, wood paneling, with artistic and soil drilling large windows, standing in a thin and naturally beautiful mountains and harsh.

The interior is made of pure white, elegant, modern design furniture inspired by the place osvescheniya.Harakternoy feature is a staircase between two high stone walls and a fully glazed roof, a narrow mountain pass. Relaxation room jacuzzi, sauna, gym and many other great features, events, situations, House of a kaleidoscope, with each of their areas face another mountain and another opportunity.[source]