A Minimalist House Design with Indoor Garden in Kuala Lumpur

This beautiful house built in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, a minimalist house with sophiticated indoor garden and bright style. The designer uses a lot of steel and wood and stone walls. All the interiors were done in neutral colors: dark or light gray, white, beige wood, natural or black cabinets in the kitchen or in the red seats agressivny.Stil not minimalist, there is nothing unnecessary all the attention is focused on fresh and bright komnate.Dekor simple and cozy, quite low. Here you can see that even rethe tables to move them to the outside wheels when you want it or need to change your number pozitsiyu.Semeyny very convenient – the big reason is the same plant, a large sofa with pillows and a comfortable natural wood coffee table. What people need to see a movie with friends? Designer created to live a quiet and peaceful.[source]