Unique Building Design, the Red Barcode Building

Barcode usually seeing in store or a product label, but in case the unique things, we can see this barcode building with red color is a unique architecture after all. But to see it on the street as the building is quite unusual. However, there is a building in Russia in St. Petersburg building contains a bar code, because it can be seen as a product with a barcode. This building was designed by Vitruvius and Sons and is home to the shopping center was developed. What could be more representative of the building where people made their purchases in the bar code?
The building is really colorful oasis in a sea of dull gray communist buildings all look the same. It stands for freedom of speech, to show courage is exactly what you want. The building facade of the red light and ordered that they, like the bar code. “Bar code”, dark windows, and there are even numbers can usually be seen at the top of the bar code – and Windows – on the sixth floor.