Treehouse, Geometric Guest House Design in China

When you hear Treehouse, you must think this is a house in trees, but this geometric guest house that located in The Waterville Golf Resort in the Lijiang, Yunan Province in China is a house built from tree materials (wood we called). With panoramic views over the lake with snow-capped mountains in the background threatening to its original position, only surpassed the remarkable work of architects HHF. Treehouse Design is not represented in the classical sense, but the house is clear that there is no other name would be appropriate. Some flying over the lake, should not be connected geometric design of two levels of luxury in a series of volumes pentagonal cell formation is influenced by organized. After HHF architects pentagonal pattern is interesting because there is no possibility of creating an infinite addition of pentagons without residues. These are still important for our concept of creating interesting lighting situation, which connects the inside of the existing nature and the integration of existing trees in the house (by yards). How to create a domain under a tree, lights and shadows are always key elements to create different qualities of space in the tree house. “This is for the provision of rooms that offer privacy, but remain open to each other simultaneously filter the natural light in the room. One room has a sea view footage from a private dining room and a library hidden in the back. The current model echoes the Pentagon in wooden blinds House detail. exterior of the building and the interior is constructed with a smooth looking for concrete and bamboo covering Int. Wood is still a major player in this cool design for floors, terraces, windows and blinds. grassy roof, further strengthens the House of Nature.[source]