Timber House with Mahogany Materials from Marco Casagrande

It’s a timber house designed by Marco Casagrande and built with mahogany materials and featured with a fireplace and contemporary style of architecture. Completed in 2008, architect Frank Chen, Chen home unique Sanjhih, Taipei County, Taiwan. On the farm cherries, it was built in the open door design to withstand harsh and unpredictable as wind, water and heat. Constructed of concrete and mahogany wood, which is a well-planned structure slightly above the ground so that flood flows under him, leaving him unharmed. Air too will pass – the random placement of a decent tree view allows you to wind the house cool in the heat. Light penetrates into the house because it is virtually no walls, interior lighting, nor easy. Inside a lot of thoughtful design places to eat, bathe and sleep proposal. “The smallest bathroom and kitchen acts as a kicker for the stabilization of the structure of wood during the frequent typhoons and earthquakes.”[source]