Stunning Architectural of a Modern Concrete House Design with Metal and Glass Materials

Metal and glass addition in a concrete house with modern design is surely has stunning result for a house architecture. Inspired by a paradise in Greek mythology for the senses, Hemeroscopium house in Las Rozas, Madrid is a paradise on earth, in fact. Designed by architects Studio Ensemble, a luxurious modern house substantial concrete and glass structure stands in the skyline. composition of several layers and a balanced home and a modern industry with the construction of future premium bars and dark tinted windows that make up the facade of the house. The second level of a house high on the first floor, surrounded by a rooftop terrace with views over the vast territory. heavy concrete pool is located on the second floor of the house self-supporting, to violate the laws of gravity and appears to float in the sky. year cool technology allows this home today to be physically in just seven days thanks to ready-made technology.[source]