Steel Structure, Glass Façade and Concrete Architecture of a Fabulous House in Chile

This fabulous house that designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval in Marbella, Chile has steel structure, glass façade and concrete architecture. Specific modern glass and steel design makes an impression on contemporary rural landscapes, beaches, hills, valleys and green foliage, as the eyes, in the environment. house with 8 cube is a popular group of the most beautiful houses of the Chilean architect designed. This certainly makes a lasting impression with its unique configuration, which includes indoor and outdoor spaces on several levels. modern home window glass was sitting on the columns. Table under the house offers a comfortable shaded outdoor area for relaxation during the heat of the day. In the upper part of the house, breathtaking rooftop terrace – lush vegetation and a pond of concrete – this is the perfect place to enjoy the view. Simplicity is the key when it is in the house, the deck and around a stunning focus.[source]