Solid Architecture of Haus Bold in Germany

Haus Bold which located in Germany has solid architecture from concrete materials. Architect Thomas Bendel, this modern style of the house of precast concrete, as a simple structure of the cube, the set formed by walls of glass and anodized aluminum facade on the front and rear axle. This modern, industrial-chic interior, where implemented specific material chosen for the walls and ceiling, so that the fresh interior is modern aesthetic. For floors, the architect has created a raw and refined look with patterned tiles, polished stone. Leading into the second level, a concrete staircase 10 meters in length and have handrails on board. About this, that a large staircase floor skylight with natural light, the house has a nice correction is expected. Completed an ultra-chic and ultra-modern – from the black kitchen, guest toilet, stainless steel and a luxurious master bath with sunken tub! Large windows flood every room with natural light and views over the meadows outside.[source]