Original Architecture of KL Railway in Malaysia

For the public imaging, architectural of a building is an importat, this KL Railway original architecture in Malaysia is the example. Nice and original architecture has attracted many tourists and trade, and life in a certain area. Well, I’m the best example: I consider myself very informed, but I just know that it is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, and that it was built a large plant in the original style.
First, the station is white, and I just love the white building, and they look around the city clean and fresh. Then it’s more like a palace than a railway station and combines several architectural styles, which is a very original building, but nice looking.
It opened in 1886, restored in 1910 and electrified in 1995. Of course, looks very different than it was in the beginning, because it is only four lines of three platforms in the first place, now a real network of lines in all directions. Wings in time, the combination of a very successful West with the Oriental style.
Experts say that mostly in the “Paradise” style, which is a combination of European and American conditions in the early 19 th century Mughal architectural elements or the Indo-Saracenic. The building is a large tower in the traditional Malay, which is plastered in front of platforms and is fully supported by layers of glass with steel frame construction is characterized. If you are in this season, both past and present today, and met with the East-West feel.[source]