Modern House Design with Earthquake Proof Architecture in China

This modern house design has earthquake proof technology of architecture, and it’s built in China. Bird’s-eye view shows more than a roof. Branded “HHF” in the house cool, earthquake, the architect is always integrated into the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia, and is not. Conceived as part of the Ordos 100 architectural effort, which amounts to 100 works of innovative architects in the next two years feature a built-in, HHF House as a modern structure to stand out among others in mind. “Our project theme, that 99 other architects, both independently and planning for 99 houses with identical program in the same plan,” as architects HHF. “Outside the building and the roof will be covered directly in development aid written HHF letter abbreviation of the post. This logo only from the air or in the model as follows. From the top of the road is written is never easy to read. From the ground, the shape of the roof, taking into account different lighting conditions and various forms of rooms inside the building, “the criterion of the house with the guarantee of an earthquake is interpreted -. Each plate is maintained separately from the concrete core and the outer wall. For stability reasons, the walls are also concrete steps to support the wall.[source]