Modern House Design with Beautiful Wall Details in India

Cadence built this modern house in Bangalore, India with beautiful wall details addition in the corner of the house. From the window you can easily style bucket and white facade Dubbed be described as modest, if not unusual piercings adorn homes and modern stairs to the entrance. Traditionally in India, is known as Jali walls, besides the architectural interest in the perforated walls and cool it, and ventilate the house passive. Holes with sheet motifs in these exterior walls of concrete stains capricious sunlight into the courtyard. A typical courtyard house plans In this issue of Outdoor / Indoor in the middle of the house a lot, but in this innovative architectural design, which moves in the northwest corner of the house. surprises await at every corner of this impressive, modern house. From the terrace, the floor door glass ceiling welcome residents and their guests in a comfortable, modern house to be allowed.[source]