Modern House Architecture with Contemporary Interior Design by A-Cero

Spain-based architecture firm, A-cero finished built this modern house architecture with concrete and glass materials and decorate it with contemporary interior design. It is difficult to mix, looking nervous, with minimalist aesthetics of art. Almost all of concrete, this expansion, 2204 m2 townhouse beacon among the hills and valleys that surround it. acute form of origin, seems to break the natural landscape, most with views of the river and the distant horizon of mountains. And inside and out, that modern architecture has been carried out on the points. Large windows invite the outdoors in. have are the minimalist interior design, the basic functions you would expect when you judge a book by its cover. The modern, natural materials such as stone, concrete and wood, and strong architectural elements to add interest to the design. With an ultra-modern mind, the architect remained faithful to his concept of a comfortable home, with the inclusion of all the usual suspects: a garage, laundry room, pantry, kitchen and bathroom, dining room, study, game room, library with a home theater room, two bedrooms for the children, and bedroom with dressing.[source]