Masculine Style of Apartment in New York

This is a Man’s apartment, so don’t be strange if this apartment interior has masculine style. Usually we think of the numbers of women in all pink and sweet and others, very masculine men or apartment, full of dark furniture and leather sofas. Well, the truth is somewhere in between, again depending on each individual style and taste. the apartment is about to see is in Washington DC, New York and has over 1000 square meters. One of two men and three dogs, but you can see all kinds of colors in it, from blue and white and finished in bright shades of orange and yellow.
I’ve been in this apartment, she shows her special personality.”You can easily see that this “dark” and other life lived at full speed. Indeed, the fact that every room has a color for the decoration of one of the most remarkable features. All that is simple and modern taste, useful and good. post-modern paintings on the walls with the color of the room is perfect, and I’m not sure if you choose the color of the first quarter, and then bought the painting, or vice versa. Anyway, great job.