Mad Parks Residence with Artsy Decor and Sculpture Art

This slope house has artsy d├ęcor and sculpture art in the interior, fabulous Mad Parks Residence is a luxury house designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. Family residence is also a growing collection of contemporary art, articulates accommodation Service suitable areas. function of the building visually in closed cases from different materials, glass in the living room on the first floor, yellow cedar from Alaska to the bedrooms upstairs, glassed-in room at the bottom, wilted leaves a specific area of services and free-standing stucco office clothes, that the present facade with simple construction materials and beautiful. Linear gallery of glass separates the volume of the building into two parts, “served” with a service area on one side and on the other side. Cases linked by three bridges made of glass and offers several views on the work displayed in the gallery. The interior is rich and modern galleries with carved from dark red upholstered furniture, floor coverings and accent Redwood industrial structures were within the ranges.[source]