House O, Solid Architecture of a Glass House Design from Japanese Architect

House O was design by Japanese architect named Sou Fujimoto, he built this solid house architecture facing the Pacific Ocean in Chiba, Japan. Innovative project homes or places of all important areas of the house they live – in the lobby, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, japanese style, room and bathroom – in the space-time and, thus, you guessed it, “The ‘extra space between pie All surrounded by unusual concrete wall on one side, and modern glass facade on the other. One customer asked for an architect designed house with a constant sense of the ocean design. Su Fujimoto fact that he built the house with views oriented in different directions and admired from all sides. all glass kitchen impeccable quality – smart ultra-cold oven. “One could say the house is akin to a walking trail along a coast; one could happen by a panoramic view, sometimes feel the ocean at the back or find the ocean through a small gap.”[source]