Guinness World Records of the Oldest Hotel, the Hoshi Ryokan Hotel

Hoshi Ryokan Hotel is the oldest hotel in the world that recorded in the Guinnes World Records. But there was a time when people rarely left home and spent his entire life in their new homeland. However, there is a principle in everything, and the first people started to travel were dealers and those who were on religious pilgrimages. It was first used in the house at night, but over time, small restaurants were the company that provides food and shelter. And according to the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world Hoshi Ryokan in Japan.
In fact, the name “Ryokan” is a Japanese word for a traditional Japanese inn. Some old documents say, guest house or small hotel, which was published in 718 and still works wonderfully. Of course, were updated and improved, but still – has a long history nearly 1300 years. What is more surprising is that it is a small guest house is still controlled the descendants of the original owner, after 64 generations. If you are interested in more information about location, location and price that you check their website (yes, this is the English version of the site, too!). [source]