Futuristic Like UFO Shape of a House Plans Extension

Just like a Sci-Fi Movies, this house has futuristic shape like UFO and put as an extension in the top of a house plans. However, look at the reality show and live in two completely different things. But I think that’s why people have the imagination – we must find inspiration all around us and new things. So this is an architect and designer finish Suuronen ambitious project sometime in 1960 was named the home of the future. In fact, this was the plan, the house can be very simple and easy to install easily on the floor or build even transported by helicopter to the specified site. Futuro house was made more than 100 copies, and we’re talking about this now because some of them already in various parts of the world of work, which is a strange building.
Futuro house is three meters high and eight meters in diameter and has enough space to live comfortably anywhere, and move easily. It is made of plastic reinforced with polyester fibers and has a very good insulation, so you can warm up quickly in less than half an hour. life of the project was short, because their production stopped in 1970, but is still considered an unusual looking buildings in various parts of Örebro, Sweden (photo 1), Warrington saw – New Zealand (photo 2) to Pensacola Beach, Florida, USA (Picture N º 3).[source]