Exotic and Strange Architecture of Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam

Come to see this strange and exotic guesthouse called Hang Nga in Vietnam; it has unique architecture after all. If you see a horror movie, and told them to imagine the fear in her house, no doubt, thought of the strange-looking building, like a dead tree and twisted shapes and angles. Well, not far from the truth. Hang Nga Guest House – also known as Casa de Locos in Vietnam know the true picture of his imagination. Architect, Dang Viet Nga, was inspired by the Spanish genius – Gaudi designed this unique building.
They are not distorted by many angles in this building, but sees everything and twisted. The architect said that he had not developed plans for each room, but he did not expressionist painting and tried to space as well as painting, installation of local handcraftsmen. Since the room can see, since trees and plants in the interior, and each room has a theme, the name of the animal. No Tiger, where you can see red eyes tiger on the wall, the room has a fireplace in the stomach of kangaroos kangaroos, eagles, space, and so on.
The guest house is all very natural, since the corridors are made, such as tunnels and caves, and the whole structure that you think more about the creation of mother nature and have not built a man might look like construction. In any case, it was opened in 1990 and has since been known and is considered one of the strangest buildings in the world. You may cancel your reservation online, room for $ 23-69.[source]