Beautiful Weekend Cottage Design in Carmel, California

It is a beautiful weekend house with cottage style from Chicago-based architect Dirk Denison in Carmel, California. Cedar siding, mahogany windows, piles of stone and glass in the design of the house on weekends, which combine modern, but maintains close contact with nature. In the center of the house cool in the coastal central area of mahogany screens, folding glass walls and glass roof, surrounded by stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Faced with a central courtyard on the moving walls, open spaces, organic soil to the outside when you create a flow from the front to the rear of the house. In connection with the space that the house is private and public life, combines the atmosphere of cool, quiet community, ideal for a weekend getaway. Mahogany makes its way from outside to inside, interior scent with rich colors, luxurious – the ultimate smart home on the coast![source]