Amazing Shape of a Beach Cottage Design from McBride Charles Ryan

Melbourne-based architecture firm McBride Charles Ryan designed this beach cottage design with amazing shape of a house called “Klein Bottle House”. Located in Paradise, Australia, is a modern house of sand dunes and beaches along the Mornington Peninsula environment. The architects began with the idea of a spiral in this modern beach cottage, built on the grounds that the concept of fluidity and movement. work should be natural curves of the relief, so unusual house plan developed as part of origami. Strange and beautiful facades many angles and to take an external source and set the tone is equally unpredictable, and a modern interior. “Development has been very tense -. serious search joyful nonsense results, we believe, is a unique and surprising interior of the input sequence and a number of new relations between the traditional components of the home,” says the architect. This project is at home in Australia, of course, a wonderful geometric steel frame and clad in lightweight concrete. As a further innovation in this elegant and environmentally sustainable construction, the project includes water collection system, double glazed windows and a central courtyard, passive cooling and ventilation system creates.[source]