Underground House Extension, Solution from EM2N

This solution from EM2N makes you not difficult to put your house extension, without any need for permission from the neighbor; you’ll feel free to create another one. EM2N architects have found their answer surface. A large house in Greifensee, Switzerland, looks like a typical house with all bills. But it is a modern and creative design proves that looks can be deceiving. This simple, flat budgets, a treasure in the form of underground habitats. 721 square feet. Sub-class includes two additional open-air sunken courtyards leading to the three main children’s room, bathroom and state of the modern home theater for private screenings. two-storey glass facade allows light to flood every corner, above ground and below. Although we believe that construction will take a lot of means to go upstairs to the architects of their funny side to play in this trendy design with a slider for children from the upper deck and lower tendency to demolish the deck with, inside out.[source]