Two-Storey Wooden House with Rustic Style of Architecture

This wooden / timber house located in Rutledge, Georgia with two-storey and rustic style architecture by Atlanta-based architecture firm Lord, Aeck & Sargent. This house is made of wood también in the trees, making it a true “tree house” for all accounts. Designed for Camp Twin Lakes, a camp for area patients and children with disabilities is the Lake House is a place where guests can connect with nature. wheelchair design work into a broader picture of the All-Access trails winding their way around a pair of lakes. architectural firm has an internal competition jury of board members and tourists, and organic home from class. This wooden house is located on a sloping site, with a wheelchair onto the ramp, wooden arched top 15 feet of the deck. above the ground. Inside, 1200 .- sq ft house used has a central octagonal space, as one of the main areas of environmental arts and crafts, and a few pages of four more rooms offer more living and lounging rooms, all windows in the floor to the ceiling and surrounded by a green roof.[source]