The Beach Valley, a Roof of Glass House Design

This house called The Beach Valley, a house with glass for the roof. This house is a tubular structure, followed by Japan Sambuichi created by the architect, played by natural beauty and modern, minimalist interior design and sustainable technologies in this easy-Hill House, to open the line. “A detailed study of changes in wind direction and intensity of sunlight affects the page, I can understand what type of architecture is really needed at each location,” said Sambuichi. Locations along the river giant plane and mountains, makes green architecture seems restrained, with its modern glass roof seen the lawn. Under him, dug in the ground, four bedrooms and a veranda paradoxically Metro unexpected discovery. country becomes a means of passive climate control in the home life of one year a pleasant temperature all year round, regardless of the system. Because the cooling and heating, lighting is passive, through the glass ceiling. natural stone and rich woods full complement of natural environment at home.