Sustainable Wooden Home Design in England

This sustainable home located in Northumberland, England, and has wooden materials on it. Dubbed Gyllehaugh Lake House is the creation of a house in a quiet, pastoral view of the lake, and the house is designed to follow nature through the use of environmentally friendly materials, will build and lifestyle practices. Even in its early approval Gyllehaugh Lake House is an innovative, future-oriented Reid Jubb Brown Architecture – first in the region to PPS7 (Planning Policy Statement 7), which is a policy plan for the UK Government’s sustainable human settlements development in rural areas. modern model of environmental design incorporates the latest and greatest in sustainable technologies. The structure consists of a body made of oak wood green, wood, shell is formed by the Grid. The residence consists of two volumes that form the L-shape, connected by a corridor. wooden walls are insulated, finished with an insulating layer. Other amenities in this wonderful house, double glazed windows with low emissions, a gray-water recycling, as well as active and passive solar energy. Aesthetics is not on the road, this modern home a smooth, natural costume is designed to harmonize with its beautiful surroundings waterfront. Gyllehaugh Lake House is the first of several homes around the world planned to offer this advanced technology. [source]