Rural Retreat by Brininstool + Lynch with Luxury Design

Brininstool + Lynch designed this rural retreat and decorate it with luxurious design of interior and exterior. Coffou current home on Lake Michigan dream home for a family from Chicago looking to trade the hustle and bustle of trees, water and open views. Mostly custom field – but much more than a hut in the traditional sense – it’s beautiful, modern oasis seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Hidden away from the screen to wear tropical forest and large areas of glass, has a three-bedroom house some quiet, calm quality about it that when you disappear threshold. beautiful country outside gives way to sleek, modern interiors, which are widely used natural materials. The concept of open kitchen, living room and veranda in the woods. In fact Brininstool + Lynch carefully planned every room in the intact highlight views. But the beauty is not ended. This ceiling absorb passive solar heat the house during the cold months of the year. Concrete floors with a heated heat also makes it a part of it.[source]