Retro Futuristic Retreat House Design in Sweden

WRB describe this house design as “retro futuristic retreat” built near Stockholm, Sweden which presonally design by Goldfinger in the architecture, surely a nice summer holiday house. This house of luxury beach house is designed for communication and entertainment season – like James Bond-la! large kitchen and living room open concept, through an open door in a folding outdoor terrace, is the center of the house. Pool is perfect for all kinds of weather entretenido, hiding on the roof, so we never voladizo your evenings on the street, under a rain cape. In the interior, a hot spot house – forgive toys de Palabras – was certainly a fireplace. Sofa in planteadas surrounds the house open to the creation of a separate small room for the beautiful wall of windows, window frames a panoramic view of the ocean. For the enzyme a large kitchen, loft area provides extra seating for guests during the night. “Almacenamiento, sleep and full of meetings and lavarse apretadas give maximum space for Socializacion.[source]