Native American Tent Architecture, Futuristic Tipi Design

If you don’t know, tipi is a Native American tent with a conical shape in usual, this is some example of futuristic tipi architecture. John Paananen thought traditional types give modern twist and new suburban design tipi. Its origins come from the life of a nomadic lifestyle typical. That’s where she is faced with the modern tradition. Tepee is the advanced materials, light weight. Read Wood PVC or polycarbonate. Interior “made the same idea, and includes panels, carpet and laminate. Innovation is a new type of housing, which not only combines the features found in the tipi, but the needle and yurts. S-tipi was originally set at Cranbrook Academy of Art Maya Grotella Patio, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It would be interesting to see the whole story behind the tipi John Paananen.[source]