Monte-Silo House Design from Gigaplex Architect

Gigaplex Architects design this awesome house, Monte-Silo House built in 1,800 sq feet area in Woodland, Utah. Located in a strategic position between nature and the Provo River was built, this modern house silage in two related silos made of corrugated iron, giving the house a unique and beautiful circular room inside. But, apart from aesthetics, this house has some other interesting features – that is their environmental performance. southern exposure from house to natural light and solar heat during the cold winter months to increase. In addition to the cozy warmth of a network on the ground floor for heating homes with gas stove burning propane backup set. Warm in winter and cool in the summer, the metal railing and second floor deck, shade, and sweet relief from the hot sun in summer. Last but not least, in the room – two grandsons, in particular for house owners have done – a bed in the window “concept, each equipped with stereo and flat screen TVs.[source]