Modern Spanish Chapel Architecture from SMAO

This is a modern architecture of a chapel in spain, its designed by Spanish architecture firm S.M.A.O. Studio. Many people believe that these conditions are not compatible, but I really think that the Catholic Church is very forward looking and managed to combine tradition and modernity in all fields, including architecture. This explains the unusual collaboration with the SIAA study, an acronym for Architecture Madridejos Sancho Office.
This unique and modern building located in Spain, in a place called Almaden, Ciudad Real, and was conducted between 1996 and 2001. It is part of a larger project that the construction of buildings, a chapel, a hunting lodge and residence of the guard in this room. If you check out the unique architecture of the building, you may be surprised what can be a source of inspiration for its shape, but in fact is the result of folding a sheet of paper called on the Japanese art of paper folding origami. You can use the base and all intermediate positions, if you look at the pictures to see.
specific structure of gold and could not guess from the outside, what is your destiny. Even if you go into it just a simple cross and enough room to see. light through the window, as complex and distributed in the chapel, so that you do not need artificial lighting. To be honest, I found this impressive building.[source]