Hundertwasserhaus, Great Green Building Landmarks of Vienna

When you visit Austria, especially in Vienna, you must go to The Hundertwasser – one of the most famous and most visited places in this town. The building is very colorful and unusual, as the attention of all. But it is very picturesque, with impecabil aesthetic value. The building was designed by the first group of social housing, but changed his destiny, and now houses apartments, offices, private terrace.
It should be the year 1983-1986 architects Jose Pedro Krawina and Pelican’s free Hundertwasser, a man who gave her name, designed the building and built. But why is this building so speacil and famous? Well, if you take a good look at it, you’ll find that it is like no other building you have ever seen: first, all the floors are uneven. Then the roof covered with earth, which grow in the grass, real trees, and you can see from the bedroom window. architect, Hundertwasser House was designed combines “green” buildings, artificial life with natural cement, which makes the grass is very nice.[source]