Geometric House Architecture in Greece

A geometric architecture of house built in Nikaia, Greece by Christina Zerva Architects. Its geometric shape, open construction and glass walls frame a breathtaking view of Mount Olympus. The house consists of two cubes connected glass bridge. The main hall is a two-story industrial-chic elements such as steel, artistic lamps and floor to ceiling windows, beamed modern, modern interior contact facade. The kitchen has a bright, white furniture and countertops, slate floors and yellow walls and ceiling with circular cutouts that reveal the truth through the roof. enclosed staircase leads to the square cuts. Although you cannot see directly is a factor of sustainable ecosystem here forever in the game. The house is equipped with a steel plate in the organic structures wrapped passively maintain comfortable temperatures during the summer heat and winter cold. Roof solar panels that provide sustainable energy. Materials recycled and reused much of this passive solar home design, LED backlight for low power consumption. [source]