Futuristic Loft Design in LA California

An ultra-modern architecture of a loft has design and built in Los Angeles, California, it is a futuristic apartment. Design Thai Architecture Vision, this modern loft was designed as a creative work live shop occupies a building in downtown Los Angeles ones. It features a unique design idea, which is hard to describe, balance, however, in the battle to 1400 square feet .- room. But, like its design, a description of the architects took the nail on the head. “Two individuals in the design,” said Thai architecture. “Dressed in a square geometry of the stone monolith, in contrast to the free flow of organic life, elliptical in shape. These two parts of the dialogue occurs. Harmony and conflict coexist within the dichotomous case. Described as a” womb-like enclosure “Kitchen futuristic, but comforting, with gently sloping remove the wall, it seems that the bathroom is. the space station a day is produced, and a luxurious room at night, ready for residents and to entertain visitors. And last but not least, is not a modern house in Los Angeles without a spa with a garden and stylish floating chimney became full.[source]