Futuristic LED House Design, Illuminated Nordwesthaus

On Lake Constance in Switzerland, this awesome illuminated Nordwesthaus built on modern architecture and futuristic design, an amazing LED House. The original idea of the architect Baumschlager Eberle rises and cool modern design is 14 meters above the water like a bucket of polished glass, green from the constant color changing LED lighting sequence to blue, yellow to red before his eyes. Zumtobel LED Ledon specialized applications built with backlight on a huge range of possibilities, which illustrate the proposed LED technology. Northwest House has 125 LED Projector, the experts along the outside of the building, with 12 RGB LED lamp with a range of over 16 million colors. provide compact lamps with optical asymmetric that organic forms of hollow concrete walls are covered in all its glory. That is enough to move again in this modern building-inch dynamic lighting effect is very attractive.[source]

Photo credit: Eduard Hueber