Futuristic Houseboat with Fabulous Technology from Niall McLaughlin Architect

Niall McLaughlin Architects designed this houseboat with futuristic design and fabulous technology put on it to challenge in the Swedish design competition. Light, space and construction – a small, but big on innovation, was born in this unique houseboat three basic. According to the architects, “Our goal was to create a home that has a spatial quality, as described above, than in the design of” Weeds. “It also implies, is the idea that the area experienced than the corresponding lines, but not as clearly defined. Presumption shrub intersecting lines can be made that we have an interest in the weaving process.” For your design concepts, visit the west of Ireland school architect for light fishing boats, how to achieve Shopping currachs said. “And now, the boat was born. This is a cool design, modern home in carbon fiber and equipped with an inflatable flotation elements. The upper part of the structure of transparent volume filled with argon gas, which serves to insulate the room.” Combining inflatable structures and tissues in the depths of the construction of the houseboat, we extend the concept of interdependence between the container and contents. Container and contents depend on each other for stability, to identify architects. At the entrance, woven electronics immediately attracts attention. Curious device stores energy from the environment and reused. A very interesting feature is that you can not see simple – solar panels pump that circulates water through the coils under the water on the outer wall of the house, cooling the room.[source]