Contemporary Lake House in Swiss by Gus Wustemann

Sculptural house named Feldbalz House was designed and built in Lake Zurich, Swiss by Gus Wustemann with contemporary style of house. On the top floor with views offers sophisticated sanctuary of Switzerland in Zurich, where a bedroom, surrounded by glass balconies hanging over the pool. On the first floor for entertaining, are leading to the garden and to the upper levels of the house where the living room. house is unique, sculptural element to deviate from its main building, creating a path that should be near the pool, and connects the garden to the house. largely glass facade of translucent polycarbonate siding offers residents the perfect balance between openness and privacy is interrupted. On the other hand the south side of the house is separated from the inside out with a 11-foot screen, S, open the phone to remove it is unlikely to complete the wall. The interiors are open concept with a clear view of one end of the house to another.[source]

Photographs by Bruno Helbing