Comfortable Modern Apartment Inspiration from Tel Aviv

This is some pictures of a modern apartment from young designer Ron Benshoshan and built in Tel Aviv Israel, he has the inspiration to make the modern design with comfortable atmosphere. This is some description of this apartment design: “ In the living room we put up a brick wall with 2 spot-lights to show all the imperfections of the bricks. Beneath the TV is a floating unit which I built. I wanted a big clock on the wall made of an item that repeats its self in cycles of 12. Eventually time was the answer! So I put up 12 classic-looking alarm clocks which I painted candy apple green. I also made the big bulb light with the red cords above. Big windows light up the whole place and play well with the 2 shades of gray in the dining area. I fabricate a white collapsible table with bare metal legs that were grinded down so they would all shine differently from each other. The 2 chairs were found in the garbage. A bit of sanding, paint and a visit to the upholsterer and we now have two lovely 60 year old chairs with a modern touch.”