Canadian Lake House Design, Best Retreat Location

For you that looking for retreat location, this Canadian lake house design is the best you can choose, it has a wonderful natural environment and great panoramic views. Designed by Sturgess Architecture, based in Calgary, faces a wooden hut in the north of Iceland, surrounded by Bowen on a cliff overlooking Howe Sound, on the nature of the water 100 meters below. This wooden house was for the couple and their two children and extended family is formed are separated as a main residence and guest house combined under one roof. And a spectacular view – – The house plan design creates an arch that maximizes glass oblong and to minimize their visual impact on the landscape. country-style design of land, end up with a tile roof, cedar shingles and copper roofs, equipped with two volumes of water and the view of distances.[source]

{photos: Robert Lemermeyer}